5 New Books We suggest This Week

MORNINGSIDE HEIGHTS, by using Joshua Henkin. (Pantheon, $26.95.) Alzheimer’s ailment checks an excellent mind and a wedding in Henkin’s new novel, which follows a Shakespeare professor and his spouse from fledgling romance to unexpected loss. filled with vivid particulars of evolving neighborhoods, the e-book radiates a tenderness for a brand new York. Jean Hanff Korelitz […]

Here Are The Best Books You’ve Never Heard of (SUMMER 2021)

I spend most of my time trying to keep up with buzzy new releases and always feeling behind. There’s so much to read, and so many people with recommendations! When you’re a part of the bookish internet, there can be pressure to read whatever the it book of the moment is or feel like you’re […]

Here Are the 5 Best Books You Should Read in July 2021

What does change really look like? It’s a question at the center of many of this month’s best new books. In Blacktop Wasteland, a mechanic who worked hard to move on from a life of crime is met with financial difficulties that leave him no choice but to drive the getaway car for an upcoming […]